Our Company

We are the largest consulting firm of the Uruguayan state in Information Technology and Telecommunications, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Organizational Change Management, Process Optimization, Program and Project Management, among others. We have successfully managed projects that represented important challenges for governments in the region.

Our specialty is to develop projects that combine the best of people, technology and business processes, focusing on the understanding and meeting of the needs of complex organizations, aligning efforts to create competitive advantage through a proven methodology.

ITC S.A. is a public owned company (majority owned by ANTEL) operating under private law.

ANTEL is a telecommunications operator, owned by the Uruguayan state, and has remained as a leader in the competitive telecommunications markets in the region.

What we do

ITC provides consulting services, professional advice and technical assistance in telecommunications, information technology, organization and human resources, strategic and operational management, among others.

ITC provides the services demanded by its customers: reliable technical authority, specialized systems integrator and consulting solutions.

Who do we work for?

For companies and other organizations, public and private, located in Uruguay and abroad.

Providers of services such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Banking and Finance, Transportation, Industry, Agro business, Health, Education, Government and Local Governments.